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This is my workshop.
Actually, this is more like a library of completed projects that came out of my workshop.




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Bretonians bret general

How could I resist a line of figs that are based (partially) on Hundred Years War historicals? I couldn't. Hence the retinue of Count Robert. My mounted and dismounted squires are painted after huntsmen in Gaston Phoebus's Hunting Book, and there are a few archers in my units who look suspiciously like some La Belle Compagnie personalities.

for Warhammer Fantasy by Games Workshop mounted squire grail knight
Lizardmen skink hero

Another irresistible army since it offers the chance to field dinosaurs (and some of their relatives). You won't find any overweight frogs in this army. My master sorcerers are lizardmen themselves, stepped in arcane lore as old as the stars.

for Warhammer Fantasy by Games Workshop    
Skaven rats

Rats, why did it have to be rats? Because the sneaky gits have a devious charm, a delicious whiff of decay without being wholly given over to Chaos AND I get to annoy opponents with evil (game-master-like) chittering. The underground volvano lairs and a plans for world domination are added pluses. What's more, if they get slaughtered - who expected such rotten troops to win anyway?

for Warhammer Fantasy by Games Workshop    
Undead skel cav

Built for other games and still waiting to take the field as a Warhammer army.

Atlanteans gorgonopsian

An non-standard army based on a mixture of Plato's reports of the antediluvian city-state, the old George Pal movie, and an Ice Age ecology. Ancient pikemen and archers and slave troops of beastmen supported by woolly mammoths, cavalry based on a variety of mounts including rhinos, bison, and zwoots.

Ledgio X, Ex Umbra command

A previously unrecorded chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, these space marines wear dark gray armor and are supported by darker gray vehicles. My "rhinos" come from the same toy line as my "chimeras." My scouts specialize in snipers and the battle brethren are supported by a squad of Sisters of Battle in complementary color schemes.

Fraternitas. Sororitas. Humanitas

for Warhammer 40K by Games Workshop fast attackelites tac squadsisters
Imperial Guard BattleGroup Daedalus imp guard troops

More that one regiment represented here. Mostly Cadians (or Cadian-like troopers - Mark Copplestone's old troopers from the Grenadier range out-Cadian the official Cadians, IMHO). My "chimera" transports are toys, suitably converted, though the tanks are "official," and my sentinels look like they walked in from a certain movie series. I've got a stormtrooper unit that are black-coated stormtroopers (not heavy elite infantry) recruited from a certain hive gang, and a veterans unit converted from the dregs of several Imperial regiments.

for Warhammer 40K by Games Workshop    
Kabal Tantalus dark eldar

The raider grav-skiffs sold me. I love the basic troop designs (and the amazing flexibility of the plastic miniatures for conversions and customizing) but hate most of the specials and fancy troops types. My grotesques are captured and altered victims (thank you, plastic zombie sprue), my mandrakes are extra-spikey troopers in a spooky color scheme, my "witches" are more warlocks (being converted Eldar pychics in suitable dark and menacing paint jobs) and my archon is a modified dark reaper dude with a trophy rack that lets me pop on a Blood Angel helmet (in honor of my favorite enemy) on it when he takes his first head.

for Warhammer 40K by Games Workshop    

Delegation Ro'bur

delegation pathfinders

The Greater Good joins the battles of the 23rd millenium.

As usual, not all the troops are "official."

for Warhammer 40K by Games Workshop crisis suitsbroadsides etherialtau tanks

I also suffer from a minor Tyrannid Infestation and occasional raids by the mysterious Necrons

necron raiders   for Warhammer 40K by Games Workshop    
Afrika teddy R

Inspired by Mark Copplestone's Darkest Africa range, originally from Wargame Foundry and carried on with his own Copplestone Castings.

I planned an adventure campaign and set about making sure I had the forces for a bang-up lot of fun. The campaign stalled, but I've got a neat set of figs.

World War 2 crusader mk.1

I concentrate on US and German forces for the Western Front in 1944-45. I've got troops in 1/285, and 15mm and 20mm.

for Command Decision and various skirmish rules      
American Civil War  

I've got a command's worth (about a a brigade or so) for both sides which are set up to see their way through the Fire and Fury.

for Fire and Fury      

There's other stuff, too, and far too much of it unpainted. But if you do this kind of stuff too, you understand that.