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This is my workshop.
Actually, this is more like a library of completed projects that came out of my workshop.




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Sculpture by Robert N. Charrette

Over the years I have mostly done work producing master for companies manufacturing gaming miniatures but I have also done

Below is some of the gaming miniature work I've done. The list is in rough chronological order and, like undisturbed geological stara, gets older as you go lower.




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Parroom Station Miniatures


My signature line of Victorian Science Fiction and more (aliens, hardware, characters and historical Victoriana)

british officer lacklove and crony
Jeff Valent Studios: Tyrannosaur   28mm        
Highlander Studios: Sculpter's Choice Rat-ogre 28mm        
Alderac Entertainment Group: Clan Wars Fantasy samurai and creatures 28mm     nameless onerat hero crab enginnerstattoo master
EM4: Oriental Blades Japanese adventurers 28mm     oriental blades  
Ral Partha Enterprises: Historical soldiers Crusaders; Ashigaru; Macedonians 25mm        
Ral Partha Enterprises: fantasy Adventurers and monsters 25mm & 28mm        

Ral Partha Enterprises: BattleTech

'Mechs, vehicles, and MechWarriors 6mm & 25mm     maruader warhammer
Ral Partha Enterprises: RuneQuest Adventurers and creatures 25mm     runequest figs  
Ral Partha Enterprises: Bushido Samurai adventurers and creatures 28mm   Now available as Heroes of Nippon from Parroom Station Miniatures bushido figs  
Grenadier Models: Fantasy figures   15mm & 28mm        
Grenadier Models: Star Wars Characters and troops   Grenadier Models   dark side  
Grenadier Models: Shadowrun Characters and troops          
Dark Horse Designs: Bill Willingham's Elementals Superheroes 28mm        

Dark Horse Designs: Robotech

various Mecha and pilot 1/285     robotech valyrie  

Battle Honors: World War 2

Germans and Americans, winter 1944 25mm        

Lance and Laser: Villains & Vigilantes

Superheroes 25mm        

Fantasy Games Unlimited: Space Opera

Science fiction characters and aliens


Texas Miniatures

Fantasy miniatures 25mm        


Fantasy miniatures 25mm  


Adina Corporation Fantasy miniatures 25mm