samurai painted by D. Hoppock


Here we offer a selection of character figures for adventuring in feudal Nippon (aka Japan). From the obligatory samurai and ninja to the more exotic budoka (martial artist peasants), yakuza (gangsters) and shugenja (sorcerors). We even have some legenday female adventurers.

For those with long memories, this line includes figures originally released by Ral Partha Enterprises as part of the Bushido role-playing line. The rights have reverted to Bob and now Parroom Station Miniatures are pleased to return them to the marketplace. Bob has added a few pieces to round out our packs of four figures.

Each set contains four unique figures.

PSM-HON-001 Samurai in Armor 1 (4) (F1)

PSM-HON-002 Samurai in Armor 2 (4) (F1)

PSM-HON-003 Samurai Archers (4) (F1)

PSM-HON-004 Budoka and Yakuza (4) (F1)

PSM-HON-005 Ninja Masters (4) (F1)

PSM-HON-006 Ninja with Gimmick Weapons (4) (F1)

PSM-HON-007 Unarmored Samurai/Ronin (4) (F1)

PSM-HON-008 Priests and Shugenja (4) (F1)

PSM-HON-009 Female Characters (4) (F1)


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