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Skyrunners: M.A.R.S.

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Slip through the gates!

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Float Buoys

A pair of float buoys, each bearing the gate’s number, defines each gate.

The buoys have projecting arms which offer a ring for the passing racers to snatch as proof of having completed that portion of the race.

When a racecraft passes near enough to a float buoy, one of its Sidemen attempts to snatch a ring from the arm. If the first Sideman fails, a second may try, but a scudder does not have enough space for more than two of them to wield their snatching poles.

If a racecraft hits a float buoy, the buoy will bob away from it, returning to its place after the craft has passed but the impact may cause trouble for the crew of the racecraft.

gate buoys

Here's a shot of two float buoys (S-010) painted as a gate pair. Each buoy, including its base, is 2.25 inches tall.

The fitting at the top can be drilled out to mount a gate number flag.

The blue bottom is an integral base. It can be cut off to allow you to "float" the buoy by drilling both pieces and re-attaching them separated by a support wire.