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Round the Pylon!

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Racing Pylonsracing pylon

Each racing pylons is clearly marked as to which side craft should pass.

The pylon is fitted with ring arms on the side to which the racers must pass.

When a racecraft passes near enough to the correct side of a pylon, one of its Sidemen attempts to snatch a ring from the arm. If the first Sideman fails, a second may try, but a scudder does not have enough space for more than two of them to wield their snatching poles.

An immovable object such as a pylon is not as forgiving as a float-buoy when a racecraft runs into it.

To the right is a picture of a painted pylon. It is 6 inches tall.

The faceted green ball near the top represents the scoring target for R-gun shots.

The green disk dispenser further down clearly shows the side to which a racer should pass, assuming the racer wants to snatch a ring.

The fitting at the top can be drilled out to mount a number flag for showing the pylon's position in the race course.