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scudderbowonThey are Watching You

Each Racing Master can call upon a cadre of Inspectors and Monitors. These trusted souls are charged with enforcing the rules and regulations of racing.

Inspectors examine the racecraft before a race, looking for safety issues and contraband. These are the fellows that a racer’s agents will sometimes bribe to get a Ploy aboard a racecraft.

During the race, Monitors distribute themselves around the course, often in single-man Flitters, but sometimes in Scudders. They watch for safety issues and infractions to the rules.

Some Racing Masters authorize their Monitors to summarily punish racecraft seen committing an infraction. Monitors charged with summary punishment pilot craft armed with battering ball weapons that can shoot at the miscreants.

Fortunately for devious racers, Inspectors and Monitors do not share the All Seeing Eye of Belsiash and racers can sometimes get away safely with using their Ploys.

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Most races use the class of float ship that the City Dwellers call a Skud’arr, usually rendered in English as a Scudder. These nimble small craft are named for their erratic flight and especially known for a maneuver that can have them change their direction of flight 180° in a moment. A Scudder racing crew includes a Pilot and a Gunner (even in an unarmed craft, the second in command is known as "Gunner" while serving as captain of the sidemen) and three Sidemen. Sidemen are sometimes also known as Snatchers for their role in the race. This makes for a quite crowded small craft.