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Skud'arr Racing

Skyrunners: M.A.R.S.

Racecraft and Accessories

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Skyrunners: M.A.R.S. Rules

The Skyrunners: M.A.R.S. Manual is a 48 page, digest-size, illustrated manual with rules for racing and race days, flight and maneuvers, crew actions, and the very important collisions and their effects.

It can be yours for a mere $25.


Print Products

S-001 Skyrunners: Martian Aerial Racing System Manual (48 page, Digest-size, illustrated manual)

S-002 Basic Deck Pack (12 card Race Deck, 18 Hazards Cards, 18 Ploys Cards, 6 play aid cards & Mini-rulebook)

S-003 Racing Template Set (clear acetate Banking and Side Slip templates)

S-004 Racecraft Control Cards (6 racer’s worth of full color control cards )


Models & Accessories

S-010 Race Gate Pack (1 pair of resin float buoys)

S-011 Race Pylon Pack (1 resin pylon)

S-012 Scudder Racecraft Pack (1 resin racecraft with metal pilot and gunner)

S-013 Racing Crew Upgrade Pack (3 metal sidemen)


Combination Sets

S-100 Scudder Racecraft Set (Scudder with racing crew upgrade and control board)

S-101 Racing Stable Set (3 Scudder Racecraft Sets)

S-102 Course Set: Gates (3 pairs of float buoys)

S-103 Course Set: Pylons (3 pylons)

S-200 Racing Master's Set(1 Skyrunners Manual, 1 Basic Deck Pack, 1 Maneuver Template Set, 12 Racecraft with crew upgrade; 1 Racing Template Set, 12 racecraft Control Cards, 3 Gates; 3 Pylons)