The Worlds of Parroom Station

From this portal you can begin your exploration of these worlds.

We are pleased to bring you exerpts from works by the greatest scientists, researchers, and chroniclers of the age. In time we hope to expand our coverage from this meager teaser we offer.

Professor Summerlee's True Social and Natural History of the Red Planet offers its readers a veritable cornucopia of information about Mars, the cultures inhabiting that planet, and even their military forces. Though it is far too voluminous to present in its entirety, we have some choice selections in the "Mars and Martians" section. Yet, the good professor does not address all matters equally and in some cases we have consulted other sources to provide you with the fullest and most complete presentation.

The masterful Wars of the Worlds, by the renowned historian Herbert G. Wells is the most accessible and detailed account of the Martian invasions and Earth's retaliatory attack and subsequent colonization of the Red Planet. Peruse the excerpts in the "General History" section. Occasionally we will present snippets of other accounts and, where pertinent, the occassional original document to clarify some aspect of the story.

Naturally, you will have an interest in how military matters stand among the Great Powers, especially on Mars. Drawing heavily from the research notes of Thomas Malone, late of the London Illustrated Times and now editor-in-chief of the Parroom Times-Despatch, we are offering summaries of the Great (and some not-so-great) Powers contending on Parroomin the "Earthmen on Mars" section.

The early period of colonization on Mars is rich in incident and full of colorful characters. We have scoured contemporaneous newspapers, journals, and private accounts to bring you capsule introductions to some of the most notable "Extraordinary personages" who acted upon that great stage of history.

In order to place all this information into context, we also offer a timeline of historical events in the "General History" section.