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What is with June 12?

I was informed today through third party sources that Brigade Games plans to stop sales of Parroom Station Miniatures effective this date.

While it is true that, due to unsatisfactory reporting practices, I have requested that Brigade Games return all molds, for which I have paid, be returned to me and that Brigade Games cease further production, no implementation dates were ever agreed upon nor was this cessation of sales deadline ever mentioned to me.

I am sorry if it was news it my loyal customers. I had assumed that remaining stock would be on sale until disposed of, as is customary in such things.

The future of Parroom Station Miniatures is uncertain. I am not a caster and have no wish to become one. Until a final accounting is made by Brigade Games, I will not know what my operation’s financial status is. It would be irresponsible of me to make decisions at this time.

Again, I extend my apologies to any customers who were as caught off guard by this scheduling as I was. I always have, and still do, appreciate the business and support of the many Parroom fans.

Also, to allay any rumors, I am not currently facing any health issues that would affect any of Parroom Enterprises activities.


Been procrastinating

So there haven’t been updates in too long.

Even this one isn’t much more than a placeholder.

New pieces parts are off to the mold maker. Upon their return, they start becoming the next releases.

Desired date: Historicon in July

What are we talking? If you stopped by the Brigade Games booth at Cold Wars, you have some idea. If not, you’ll have to wait a bit.

Oh, and I have been working on the skirmish version of the Secret Science rules. The playtest version debuted at Cold Wars and will run again at Historicon.

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Working on it

The “it” mentioned above is getting pictures of the Parroom Enterprises’ most recently released (and nearly released) miniatures into the show room.

ssf301B-webHere’s a teaser.

This is the command officer set for the Engineer mechanized infantry troops. The set is two suited bodies with exhaust sprues for the usually choices. You also get the regular mechanified infantry head sprue (the one on the right has one of these) and a bonus sprue we select from among our officer head sprues (the one on the left has one of these). Further, there is a sprue of shoulder-mounted command-suit parts, four in all, that you can add to the suits to signify their commander status. Between the two suits in the picture they are using all of them.

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But what, here’s another one!

Kits can be fiddly even before they get into your hands. This one suffered delays until I gave up on getting it into resin. I know, I know, it would have been lighter that way. At least this one won’t shatter if dropped (bend, maybe, and come apart certainly, but in a repairable sort of way most likely. Watch the gun though, that bit is delicate.)


Now, at last, it comes winging your way. It’s a “stinger”! This small craft is a one to two man float ship. Very fast! It sees duty with almost every city-state as a courier and as a pursuit ship.

This is an all metal kit, CDT-043, that comes with both crewmen. As usual, we’ve left you to supply your own flight stand as we are well aware of the wide variety of preferences in that matter.

As with the other item announced today, final pricing is pending. Look for it at Fall-In!

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No Excuses: New stuff on the horizon

It’s been a long time since an update here, but we haven’t been totally quiescent at the station. Mostly, but not totally. Behind the scenes I’ve been continuing work on many new releases and today here’s a picture of one of the next: SSF-303 the “gun buggy” of the Engineers. This modern vehicle can race over rough ground carrying its driver and his machine gun onward towards victory.


This kit will come with the usual Secret Science exhaust sprue so you can make  your choice of exhaust style to suit your forces. The driver comes headless, but don’t despair! The kit comes with four heads: two on the minion head sprue and a bonus sprue selected randomly from among the officer head sprues that grace many of the command sets in the Secret Science line.

The code number is in and we’re just double checking the weights to confirm pricing for this marvelous contraption. If all goes well, it will be wheeling out at HMGS’s Fall-In! convention next weekend.

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Survived the Cold Wars we did


Battle Science premiered in print at Cold Wars, along with some more figures, specifically the Enslaved command and weapon team.

We have more to come, but other matters continues to interfere with the desired schedule.

The games (all full) went well and for the first time, some of the Earth coalition of Secret Science forces reached Olympus Gate against very determined Martian opposition.  What awaits on the other side?


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The Cold Wars are coming

and Parrom Enterprises will be there, hanging our with our friends at the Brigade Games booth.


Just what we will have is still unclear, but the big news is that we are hoping to have Secret Science: Battle Science rules, our new set for playing battle games with mad science toys on the tabletop. If it’s there, it will be at a special introductory price of $30 and copies will be limited. Stop by the Brigade Games booth and see if the books made it and then, if you like their looks, drop the cash to take one home.

Bob will be running two games with the rules on Saturday. Both are set on Mars and feature mad Earth science vs the Martians.

We will have some more previews of figures as well as (we hope) a couple of mew additions to the available forces.

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Resin Blues

Some time ago, I lost my caster for the resin items that Parroom Station Miniatures does. We had some stock at Brigade Games so it wasn’t an immediate problem. Then suddenly it was, due to an influx of orders.

The search for a replacement has been long and slow and trickier than I had hoped. I had a new one lined up  but the first piece to get molded, the scudder for V&S&F and Skyrunners, had the model destroyed during the molding process. Trying to recover from this disaster has seriously impacted available Parroom Enterprises time. I still don’t have an availability date for the scudder’s return.  The plan is for the Skyrunner’s pieces to follow, as well as the war skiff.

As you might guess, my enthusiasm for making new models to be produced in resin is not high at this time. This means bigger items are currently off the table. Sadly, this will affect what will become available as “official” Secret Science miniatures as well as the long planned return of new, improved models for the Earther airships for the Parroom Station line.

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Showroom Work

The process of changing over our showroom gallery is underway.  This has been necessitated by access issues.

We are now using Gallery 2 software through our host service and have gotten pictures installed for most of our miniatures, including the imminent release of the Secret Science line. There’s not much commentary for individual entries and improving that will have to wait at least until after Fall-In. Alas, another work in progress.

Click the showroom tab and check out what we’ve got in place.


Update 12/05:  Still not updated.  Sorry. too many things crashing down.

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Secret Science Troops: the Enslaved

Subjugator maestri use devices to control their victims, resulting in “enslaved” troops.  The first available for their forces in the world of the secret science are SSF-702 Enslaved troops. The pack includes four different, although not terribly so as befits their nature, poses.

These soldiers will face adversity without flinching as they are reduced to basically being flesh and blood automatons.  The troops wear model 1989 control helmets and carry rifles.

More Enslaved forces are coming, including Officers, Weapon Team (you can see them previewed here with SSA-001B), and Weaponeers with Flame Sprayers.