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Secret Science

Been procrastinating

So there haven’t been updates in too long. Even this one isn’t much more than a placeholder. New pieces parts are off to the mold maker. Upon their return, they start becoming the next releases. Desired date: Historicon in July What are we talking? If you stopped by the Brigade Games booth at Cold Wars, you […]

Working on it

The “it” mentioned above is getting pictures of the Parroom Enterprises’ most recently released (and nearly released) miniatures into the show room. Here’s a teaser. This is the command officer set for the Engineer mechanized infantry troops. The set is two suited bodies with exhaust sprues for the usually choices. You also get the regular […]

No Excuses: New stuff on the horizon

It’s been a long time since an update here, but we haven’t been totally quiescent at the station. Mostly, but not totally. Behind the scenes I’ve been continuing work on many new releases and today here’s a picture of one of the next: SSF-303 the “gun buggy” of the Engineers. This modern vehicle can race […]

The Cold Wars are coming

and Parrom Enterprises will be there, hanging our with our friends at the Brigade Games booth. Just what we will have is still unclear, but the big news is that we are hoping to have Secret Science: Battle Science rules, our new set for playing battle games with mad science toys on the tabletop. If […]

Maestro: Professor Zed

SSC-006 Professor Zed A Mechanician? He’s got some kind of electrical rod, doesn’t he? Or is it perhaps an Arcane device?

Maestro: Doctor Moreau

SSC-005 Doctor Moreau A Vivisector? Some kind of powered, scalpel-sharp claw glove and a whip coiled in his other hand. Could be, could be.

Maestro: Lady Winston

SSC-004 Lady Winston A Dominator? Hmmm.  No obvious paraphenalia.  She might be an ordinary adventurer, but those Dominators like to blend in, don’t they?

Maestro: Doctor Dunkel

SSC-003 Doctor Dunkel A Resurrectionist? Is that a control prod in his hands? A scalpel at his belt?

Maestro: Professor Hiesen

SSC-002 Professor Heisen A Formulaic? There are tubes of some sort of chemicals at his belt and his got three tanks on his back.

Maestro: Miss Agatha Harkness

SSC-001 Miss Agatha Harkness An Engineer? She does have a wrench on her utility belt.