Secret Science

Maestri & Branch Tokens

So far in the first release news, we have been tiptoeing around the whole point of the Secret Science: the maestri, the masters (and mistresses) of the secret sciences. You knew we couldn’t start releasing miniatures for the Secret Science line without releasing some  of them, didn’t you? And we’re not.  Most definitely not. Here’s […]

Guns, guns, guns!

Our first release in the Secret Science arsenal range are five weapon on small, wheeled carriages. The first picture shows a Lightning Gun manned by a pair of Enslaved gunners. The gunners are not yet available due to molding issues, but the gun is and can readily be crewed by a Minion Weapon Team (SSF903). […]

Minions on the March

The roll out of Secret Science miniatures goes on and who better to get started with than Masked Minions? Sure PArroom Station Miniatures has had Masked Minions before in our Victorian Science Fiction line, but these guys are updated, with new weapons and new flexibility. Like many Secret Science miniatures, the new minions come with […]

More Automatons!

Besides the Guardsman, our first Secret Science release for the Mechanician forces includes Manikin-style automatons. These little guys (Size 1) are a cheap and cheerful mainstay for many automaton masters. They are designed to carry and use many common models of bolt action rifles and to operate as infantrymen. These Manikins (SSF-501) come in sets […]

Guardsman Details

So, I got some photography done and the first things to roll out of cleaning them up are some details to help you appreciate the wonder of the Mechanicians’ Guardsman-style automation. First off, a size comparison. I said these fellows are tall (Size 3). That’s a standard man-height minion (Size 2) to the right. Between […]

Progress may be Inevitable

At least according to the League for the Advancement of Society through Technology (L.A.S.T.), it is.  But it is not always timely, it seems. My Secret Science project has been anything but timely. Yet, at last (pardon the pun-ish reference), some things are happening.  Some of the long wait is over. For many HMGS conventions now, […]

Herewith, an excerpt from the Secret Science: Battle Science introduction

I write now in the early years of the twenty-first century.  It is, I am told, an enlightened time.  People in this day consider themselves modern and forward-looking. Yet there is something of which most of you are ignorant, a central facet to the world that goes almost unnoticed, and when observed, almost always explained […]