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Guardsman Details

So, I got some photography done and the first things to roll out of cleaning them up are some details to help you appreciate the wonder of the Mechanicians’ Guardsman-style automation.

First off, a size comparison. I said these fellows are tall (Size 3). That’s a standard man-height minion (Size 2) to the right. Between the two Guardsmen is a Manikin-style automation (Size 1, although on the large end of it), good ol’ number 17.

You might be noting that arm positions are different in the two Guardsmen. Good eye! The joint is designed to allow a certain amount of variation in the positioning.

Below there’s another picture, a close up shot of the two head variants. Since the heads are separate, you get to set them at different angles if you want. Or you could go with all the same exact pose and head angle for that “in synchronization” look.

More to come!

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