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Minions on the March

The roll out of Secret Science miniatures goes on and who better to get started with than Masked Minions? Sure PArroom Station Miniatures has had Masked Minions before in our Victorian Science Fiction line, but these guys are updated, with new weapons and new flexibility.

Like many Secret Science miniatures, the new minions come with alternative heads.  These serve the dual purpose of allowing you the get slight variations on a posing and offering a choice of styling to suit your maestro’s esthetics. The great-coated minions of SSF-902 come armed with autorifles and come with our classic masked minion head and a new masked and goggled style wearing soft leather head gear.

Supporting the secret science minions are weaponeers (SSF-904) armed with flame sprayers. These guys are sold in pairs, as is suitable for a weapons detachment in the forthcoming Secret Science: Battle Science rules. Like the riflemen they come with alternative heads.

Further support comes from a pair of weapon crewman (SSF-903) designed to work with the team-served weapons of the Secret Science Arsenal range, of which we will post details soon, because they too are part of the launch release! Like all the minions, they come with alternative heads. Here they have the classic masked minion head, although they are painted in a non-classic scheme.

All of these Minions are available from Brigade Games. They will be debuting at HMGS’s Fall-In convention, but thereafter they will be available from Brigade’s webstore and by phone or mail order.

We had hoped to have a full spread of minion-y goodness for you in the first release. Unfortunately we didn’t get the command heads all done.  But we do have a teaser for you!

SSF901 will be the Officers pack, a pair of suitable leaders for your minion units. Each pack will come with two, yes two head sprues.  One will the usual classic/new minion head offering.  The other will, be a pair of officer’s head that offer you the opportunity to make your leader’s even more readily  identifiable. This latter sprue will be chosen from a random set of sprues to provide more variety. Here’s the promised teaser: A shot of the Minion Officers with heads from the one officer head sprue we did get molded. These guys are painted to go with the new-style head troopers shown at the top opt this post.

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