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Guns, guns, guns!

Our first release in the Secret Science arsenal range are five weapon on small, wheeled carriages. The first picture shows a Lightning Gun manned by a pair of Enslaved gunners. The gunners are not yet available due to molding issues, but the gun is and can readily be crewed by a Minion Weapon Team (SSF903).

You will be able to buy (from Brigade Games, of course) the carriage-mounted guns separately from the crews (assuming you want to add crews from some other line) or get a crew and gun package from Secret Science ranges that offer a code for a weapon team (such as SSF-903 Minion Weapon Team) at a small savings from buying them separately.

You’ll be able to pick which weapon you want for your carriage simply by appending the correct letter suffix to the Team-served Gun code (SSA-001). These are designed to fit snuggly into the Secret Science: Battle Science rules, but they are perfectly adaptable to whatever rules you want.

They are:

A: Antimechanical Gun

B: Lightning Gun

C: Machine Gun

D: Rapidfire Gun

E: Revolving Gun

Here’s some pictures:

 SSA-001 A: Antimechanical Gun

 SSA-001 A: Machine Gun

 SSA-001 A: Rapidfire Gun

  SSA-001 A: Revolving Gun

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