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Maestri & Branch Tokens

So far in the first release news, we have been tiptoeing around the whole point of the Secret Science: the maestri, the masters (and mistresses) of the secret sciences. You knew we couldn’t start releasing miniatures for the Secret Science line without releasing some  of them, didn’t you?

And we’re not.  Most definitely not.

Here’s how it goes.

Maestri will be available as single figures. You like the figure, you buy it. Use it for Secret Science: Battle Science or for some other game. Your choice.

Although Bob usually has a particular branch of the secret science in mind when he sculpts a maestro, we’re not going to choice the figure’s branch for you. You might see things a little differently from Bob (Lord knows, many people do) or the figure may actually be suitable for more than one branch. Since Secret Science: Battle Science suggests you use a “branch token” to designate which branch of the secret science your maestro follows, you get a branch token with each maestro. When ordering, you’ll add a letter code to the maestro product code to indicate the branch token you would like. Thus:

A: Spook (Arcanes)

B: Puppet (Dominators)

C: Grease Monkey (Engineers)

D: Lab Rat (Formulaics)

E: Tik-tok (Mechanicians)

F: Igor (Resurrectionists)

G: Guineapig (Vivisectors)

Here’s a look at them (they tend to run about 15mm tall):

Oh yeah, before we forget. you’ll be able to buy a full set of all eight different branch tokens (SSC-100) as well.

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