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Resin Blues

Some time ago, I lost my caster for the resin items that Parroom Station Miniatures does. We had some stock at Brigade Games so it wasn’t an immediate problem. Then suddenly it was, due to an influx of orders.

The search for a replacement has been long and slow and trickier than I had hoped. I had a new one lined up ┬ábut the first piece to get molded, the scudder for V&S&F and Skyrunners, had the model destroyed during the molding process. Trying to recover from this disaster has seriously impacted available Parroom Enterprises time. I still don’t have an availability date for the scudder’s return. ┬áThe plan is for the Skyrunner’s pieces to follow, as well as the war skiff.

As you might guess, my enthusiasm for making new models to be produced in resin is not high at this time. This means bigger items are currently off the table. Sadly, this will affect what will become available as “official” Secret Science miniatures as well as the long planned return of new, improved models for the Earther airships for the Parroom Station line.

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