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No Excuses: New stuff on the horizon

It’s been a long time since an update here, but we haven’t been totally quiescent at the station. Mostly, but not totally. Behind the scenes I’ve been continuing work on many new releases and today here’s a picture of one of the next: SSF-303 the “gun buggy” of the Engineers. This modern vehicle can race over rough ground carrying its driver and his machine gun onward towards victory.


This kit will come with the usual Secret Science exhaust sprue so you can make  your choice of exhaust style to suit your forces. The driver comes headless, but don’t despair! The kit comes with four heads: two on the minion head sprue and a bonus sprue selected randomly from among the officer head sprues that grace many of the command sets in the Secret Science line.

The code number is in and we’re just double checking the weights to confirm pricing for this marvelous contraption. If all goes well, it will be wheeling out at HMGS’s Fall-In! convention next weekend.

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