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But what, here’s another one!

Kits can be fiddly even before they get into your hands. This one suffered delays until I gave up on getting it into resin. I know, I know, it would have been lighter that way. At least this one won’t shatter if dropped (bend, maybe, and come apart certainly, but in a repairable sort of way most likely. Watch the gun though, that bit is delicate.)


Now, at last, it comes winging your way. It’s a “stinger”! This small craft is a one to two man float ship. Very fast! It sees duty with almost every city-state as a courier and as a pursuit ship.

This is an all metal kit, CDT-043, that comes with both crewmen. As usual, we’ve left you to supply your own flight stand as we are well aware of the wide variety of preferences in that matter.

As with the other item announced today, final pricing is pending. Look for it at Fall-In!

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