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What is with June 12?

I was informed today through third party sources that Brigade Games plans to stop sales of Parroom Station Miniatures effective this date.

While it is true that, due to unsatisfactory reporting practices, I have requested that Brigade Games return all molds, for which I have paid, be returned to me and that Brigade Games cease further production, no implementation dates were ever agreed upon nor was this cessation of sales deadline ever mentioned to me.

I am sorry if it was news it my loyal customers. I had assumed that remaining stock would be on sale until disposed of, as is customary in such things.

The future of Parroom Station Miniatures is uncertain. I am not a caster and have no wish to become one. Until a final accounting is made by Brigade Games, I will not know what my operation’s financial status is. It would be irresponsible of me to make decisions at this time.

Again, I extend my apologies to any customers who were as caught off guard by this scheduling as I was. I always have, and still do, appreciate the business and support of the many Parroom fans.

Also, to allay any rumors, I am not currently facing any health issues that would affect any of Parroom Enterprises activities.

24 comments on “What is with June 12?

  1. I can recommend Valiant Enterprises as an excellent casting company that is located in the US. 🙂

  2. Hello
    I just read about your split with Brigade. I just bought Musket Miniatures and also 1/32 scale molds and masters for the Nautilus. My site is still under construction and am in the process of moving to a larger place with more room for production.

    I would be very interested in taking over production of your products. I don’t know much about your falling out with Brigade but I do know that I had very bad experience with them a few years ago.

    Please contact me and maybe we can work out an arrangement.


  3. Yesterday I contacted you , and Brigade, and TMP. I wanted to see if you would consider having me take over production. I have years of mold making and casting experience, and the equipment.

    What I don’t have is patience, I contacted you, Brigade, and TMP and have been ignored by all 3. Sorry to bother you, won’t happen again, I promise.

    • Kris, I am sorry you don’t have the patience to wait over a weekend, but if feel that having a business fail to contact you over the weekend is a problem, then a working relationship is likely to fraught with issues.

  4. Bob, I am sorry to hear about this situation. I have been a fan of your Paroom miniatures for some time now. I hope that you can find a caster that will fit your needs and this will only be a minor irritation for you. I am sure that many people feel the same, and wish you good fortune in paroom’s next step.


    • I expect the situation to hang fire for a while. Communication with Brigade remains poor and I cannot think about moving forward until everything is settled on that front.

  5. Bob,

    I just went on to the brigade website to order some of your miniatures, and found nothing. I hope you get up and running with someone else.


  6. Just a word of support from a long-time fan — I remember when I first discovered Parroom miniatures and launched into Victorian sci-fi. These are some of the most cherished figures in my collection because of all the incredible stories that go along with them! Really hope this situation gets worked out and a new home is found for the line. Best of luck!


  7. Hello, there!
    I just came across this while searching for Colonel Roundbottom for a newly started Victorian project, and was much saddened to learn about the state of affairs.
    I really hope you’ll be able to get it sorted out and find another caster for your stuff, as I understand that your minis are the mainstay of many a VSF-collection, and should continue to spark the imagination of gamers worldwide!

  8. Hi Bob, Just a followup to my earlier comment. I see several people have recommended casters. I’d like to throw one more hat into the ring — Nic at Eureka Miniatures. Your victorian sci-fi lines would go great together. And in an email exchange, he said he’d be open to the idea.

    I have no interest in this other than in seeing the great Parroom miniatures back in print and have had great service from Eureka as a U.S. customer.

    Best, Nicholas

  9. Until all the material is returned from Brigade Games and a final settlement is provided, I cannot entertain returning the Parroom Station Miniatures line to production. That has not yet happened.

    I appreciate the support, Nicholas. The line remains in my thoughts but I have to work at other things for the moment. If/when it returns, there will likely be changes.

  10. well sadly this explains why the guy at brigade games was such a dick when i asked if they still had the figures.. because of course i dont know any of this going in.. i did know he was a rather unpleasant fellow having dealt with im at historicon many many many years in a row.

    Bob I hope you can get this sorted out, i am not done exploring Parroom Station!

    • Most, if not all, of the molds have been returned but the final accounting of sales remains unaccounted for. I need that information before proceeding, but Brigade Games has not been forthcoming with that long overdue accounting nor have they been responsive to my emails. Parrot station Miniatures remains in limbo for the moment.

      • Literal tears in my eyes over this.. its just so sad. I have such fond memories of talking with you at HMGS events, over the course of so many years(doubt you remember me but thats ok.. you were the one making the impressions!) I hope that this is resolved, clearly you have the support of the people here and i think that should you get back everyhting you need to feel comfortable doing this again, you will find no shortage of people willing to be involved and help!

        • I have had the molds returned to me and an accounting, but funds are lacking to start up again, so a partner would be necessary. I would like to see the line available again, but I am currently heavily involved in several non-sculpting projects that are eating all my time.

          • kickstarter! seems to work for far less deserving people.. i am sure it would work well for you! i would back you!

  11. I’m very sorry to hear of this issue between you and Brigade Games and look forward to you getting Parroom Station Miniatures back into production. Working with Brigade is a mixed bag, Great product, usually good service but if there is an issue, certain personalities can be very difficult to work with. Good luck!

  12. Hello there.

    Is there any word on when finding a caster?

  13. I have some of your excellent chephalids. I would like to see the line back in production as I would love to vastly add to my collection. Your red martians are the best designs for that race, in my opinion. Best of luck, your fans await your return!

  14. Hope things work out. I finally had enough money to order Parroom minis last summer and found they were no longer available. I’d definitely would support a kickstarter.

    • Thanks for the support, guys. The jury is still out on ways to bring the line back. I’m afraid it’s just not an immediate priority for me right now.

  15. I hope that one day you can make your mars line a priority. Good luck on whatever you are working on.

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