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The Parroom Project

The Parroom project began with a website covering the background to Parroom Station’s alternative history as a lead up to the launch of Parroom Station Miniatures, a creator-owned line of miniatures figurines designed for playing games set in that universe.

PSMintures logoParroom Station Miniatures is the design house for a variety of miniatures. Cick on the logo to view our “showroom,” a semi-commercial display of what’s on offer.  You can purchase these miniatures fromBrigade Games and Hobby Supply, LLP at HMGS gaming conventions, by post, or on the web at Brigade Games. Click these dice tiny dice to shop there.

Parroom Station Miniatures began as a single line of figurines designed for the Parroom Station universe. They were originally produced by The London War Room. Things have changed over the years and Parroom Station Miniatures is not just about Mars anymore.

Parroom Station Miniatures lines include:

  • Of Mars and Martians: Martians(of various kinds), critters, monsters, and even renegade Earthmen
  • Victorian Science Fiction: Characters, fantastic troops, and steam tech wonders
  • Victoriana: historical soldiery of the Victorian age
  • Heroes of Nippon: Samurai and other adventurers for feudal Japan
  • Secret Science: Mad science in conflict

V&S&F coverValor & Steel & Flesh is a set of battle game rules based on the Brother Against Brother system. While focussing on Parroom Station’s Martian background, the rules are usable for:

  • VSF Battles on Mars (there are rules for Martians)
  • VSF Battles on Earth (there are rules for ships and other non-Martian stuff)
  • Historical battles (you don’t need to use the fantastic stuff)

Click the cover to learn more.


Management Philosphies

Toy soldiers are fun!

Parroom Station was created with the intention of providing a fantastical background for playing games with toy soldiers, games set in an alternate colonial age.

And to have Fun!

We want you to have it. We’re hoping we’ll have it.

We intend to provide the opportunity to have said fun through offering cool miniatures and presenting an entertaining background against which to set them.

To make the background more entertaining, we will be putting up pictures of things that don’t exist and/or pictures that have been enhanced digitally to look cooler. We’ll try to be good about telling you what’s for sale, even when we don’t make it.

We will promote opportunities for fun by directing you to other purveyors of fun who are tracking a similar course and providing what we ourselves are too busy to get to.

We also intend to get around to having fun with other areas beyond the Mars of Parroom Station. Stay tuned!

An Honest Plea for Understanding

Parroom Station Miniatures, being Bob’s design studio,is hardly the largest source for toys in the world, save perhaps for the scale of our intentions (which is, of course, nothing less than world (Mars) domination. Bwaa-haa-haa!). Alas, our reach ofttimes overwhelms our available resources. Sometimes we face delays, and in some cases they are beyond our control. We promise to do the best we can to produce the toys we say we will produce and to produce them when we say we will produce them. Patience and understanding are Good Things. Pray, for all our sakes, practice those two virtues.

Cooperative Effort

We will consider adding material provided by correspondents, but be advised that the coinage for payment is solely our gratitude and thanks (and whatever fame and glory you can garner from being associated with the Parroom Project). We will, of course, give credit where credit is due! (The same goes for blame.)

A Cautionary Note

Herein-and-about you will probably find bits and pieces that reflect the attitudes and beliefs of Victorian times rather than those of the current era. While such material does not necessarily reflect the personal opinions of the creator(s), you have been warned that it might be encountered.

A Note of Warning:

We promise that our miniatures will only be manufactured in the finest plumbium, the best metal for fine detail. Imported direct from Parroom!

While plumbium can and is ingested by Martian City Dweller children to no deleterious effect, the same cannot be said for Earth children. So remember, do not eat or even lick our miniatures, nor should you allow any Earth-born person of your acquaintance to do so. Of course if you are a Martian City Dweller, by all means chomp away. (All Parroom products should, of course, be properly ground before Martian consumption.) We’ll make more! But please, in the interests of interplanetary harmony, do not allow any of your Earth-born friends to follow your example.

Many of our items have small parts and sharp bits. The former fits their roles perfectly for the tabletop and the latter makes them quite effective — or not, depending on what statistics they have in a game. The small parts and sharp bits, however, make them unsuitable for children under 12 or for chewing or eating by folk of all ages, whatever their planet of birth.Therefore we can neither recommend nor condone putting our products in your (or anyone else’s) mouth.

A Request

If you are having a problem with some feature of the web site, or would like general information about the Parroom Station Project, contact site administration. Schedule permitting, we’ll get back to you as promptly we can.

A Recommendation

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