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Parroom Station Miniatures

This is your connection to the  Show Room where you can check out the various items we have to offer.

Our Miniatures are NOT TOYS (despite occasionally being referred to as “toy soldiers”) and contain lead and occasionally have sharp points and small parts. They should not be given to children.

Our miniatures are primarily intended for use in battle games of toy soldiers. (Although they are popular with RPGers and collectors as well.) By popular request, we have put together some rules for battle games. Check them out Where Scientific Romance meets Colonial Adventure:


Brigade Games and Hobby Supply, LLP is the exclusive manufacturer and general distributor for Parroom Station Miniatures. To purchase Parroom Station Miniatures click these dice tiny dice and go directly to the Brigade Games sales page.

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Our Lines

Our figures are “slight” 28mm size and, like people, some are larger or smaller than others.

This line delves into the minions, troops, and creations of the mad scientists who are the secret masters of the world.

The miniatures are compatible with our previous lines, especially the Victorian Science Fiction and Victoriana lines. You should note, however, that maestri, being larger than life, are depicted that way.

We have a ruleset, entitled Secret Science: Battle Science, for conducting battles with secret science forces, and have a more intimate, skirmish set in the works.




A line drawn from skirmishes, battles, and escapades on the Red Planet frontier in and around the ethyr port and cauldron of international and interplanetary intrigue known as Parroom Station.

You’ll find Cephalids, City Dwellers, Critters, Germ Plasm Hybrids, Renegades of Mars, and the Zonn.



A line drawn from Victorian (Science) Fiction in general and modern re-imaginings of a Victorian era where steam power and mad science are the order of the day.

You’ll find Extarordinary Personages, VSF Troopers, and Steam Technology.






Originally an extension of our VSF lines, these are Victorian-era troops and officers, all historically styled and equipped – but still very suitable for VSF employment.


You’ll find Americans, Japanese, Prussians, and Russians.





A classic line of samurai and other Japanese-style adventurers for adventures in Feudal Japan.






Racecraft and crews for scudder racing through skies of Mars. Dart between the float gates and bank around the pylons on your way to aerial victory and glory!

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  1. Hi
    What ever happened to the molds for the London War Room martian tripods. I recall your working with them, prior to joining Brigade.



  2. Dear Parroom,

    Are your miniatures still for sale? how do I get hold of them? Any news please?

    Thank you


  3. Looking forward the their return.. as are a few other folk :o)

    Hope the tidy is painless and speedy for you..



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