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Secret Science

Parroom Enterprises  line of miniatures for mad science in conflict. It’s a world where forces born of  hidden science clash in trials by fire between the often insane geniuses and savants of the Secret Science and their operatives, minions, servitors, soldiers, and by their amazing creations, such as marvelous automatons, huge vehicles, and various forms of organic and ectoplasmic beings.

Incredible mayhem!

Massive destruction!

Fun for all!

Besides the miniatures, we also offer a set of battle game rules: Secret Science: Battle Science.

2 comments on “Secret Science

  1. I’m looking forward to these figs and the rules. It looks like awesome fun!

  2. Please come back!!!! find a new partner and let us love your figures again!.. i know have the money i need to buy what i want from you and you are gone!!!! please please please come back..

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