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The Zonn

The Zonn

zonn faceThe Zonn are tall, spindly beings who rarely meddle in the affairs of others. Darkly luminous eyes dominate their near featureless faces, standing out sharply from their gray skin. Their hands are of a curious arrangement with two strong gripping fingers opposed by a thumb while a third, slighter finger is very mobile and can oppose either the thumb or the other fingers or participate in a powerful three-point grip.

When the Zonn do enter into the affairs of other folk, their actions are incisive and decisive. Some reports from the Battle of Landing describe what can only be Zonn, stalking unharmed through the clouds of battle and lashing out with strange crystal weaponry against Cephalid, City Dweller, and Earthman alike.

If City Dweller legends are to be believed, the Zonn have always dwelt in hidden palaces deep within the polar regions of Mars. There, they live a contemplative life and pursue their arcane dreams of philosophy and science. It is believed that they are beings of a higher order, their immensely advanced minds fully capable of pyschic feats that border on magic.

zonn waywalkersMost commonly encoutered are those Zonn called Waywalkers. These strange, elusive aliens are occassionally glimpsed in the wild places of Mars. Some have been seen observing notable events from a distance. Attempts to communicate with them, or even simply get closer, are usually met with frustration and disappointment as the Zonn are capable of vanishing completely, even in places where there seem to be no places to hide. Some say that the Waywalkers can simply “step aside” from our reality.

Universal Crystals

Much of Zonn technology – if it is technology – appears based around crystalline devices that conduct and modulate arcane energies of unknown origin, harnessing that energy for creative and destructive purposes. “Universal Crystals” are diamond-like devices – if they are devices – commonly associated with Zonn in City Dweller legend. These crystals are alledgedly capable of producing a coherent beam of light that strikes with incredible destructive power that, despite the crystal’s small size, easily matches that of a Cephalid ray projector. The crystals also seem capable of coalescing energy into defensive shields that can halt rifle fire and, some say, even artillery shells.

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