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Worlds of Parroom: Earthmen

Extraordinary Personages

The variety of folk who stride, scurry, slink, and sneak accross Earth’s stage of history is staggering. With a new world offering new venues for activities licit and illicit, many have gone to seek their fortune, fame, or fate on the Red Frontier. All that humanity has to offer on Earth, and more, may be found on the Red Sands.

captain jack
Captain Jack Cole
A decorated aeroscaph captain in service to the British Empire who found himself continually out of favor with his superiors despite his fine records of achievements in the sky. He left the service and now finds himself in great demand by those who need a good air captain. His lifestyle, needless to say, is much improved.
red eagle
The Red Eagle
A mysterious individual who gained fame as an independent aeroscaph captain. His sudden strikes against Cephalid forces brought him to worldwide attention on Earth since hisScarlet Raptor is credited with downing at least three Cephalid flying machines, an unparalleled achievement. Rumors of connections with the L.A.S.T. remain unproved.

Miss Rebecca Myst
This rather unconventional lady is reputedly an agent of the British Empire. She certainly travels widely, often in the company of her brother Phineas. On certain of her adventures she has been known to eschew ordinary dress in favor of an outrageous outfit that offers concealment for the throwing knives and outlandish contraptions that she favors.

Doctor Henry Jeckyl
A mild mannered physician devoted to the downtrodden and needy. Curiously, nearly everywhere he travels, there are outbreaks of brutal violence among those same unfortunates. Whisperers say that he is haunted by a vengeful felon going by the name of Edward Hyde. Why or how Jeckyl would have engendered such enmity is unknown.

Colonel Roundbotham
The colonel is a well known figure around Parroom Station and a regular at the Red Sands Club. He is an excellent raconteur and, by his own accounts, has served almost everywhere that the British army has seen action. He is as renowned for his military exploits (some call them blunders) as he is for his prodigious capacity for alcohol and fine food.

va captain
The Captain from Virginia
This American expatriate has “gone native” and lives among red-skinned City Dwellers of the clan Heyleyum. He is reputedly a veteran of the Confederate cause in the War Between the States, though that seems unlikely as those who have met him say that he is far too young to have served as an officer in that conflict. He is also reputedly a deadly swordsman, a reputation concerning which there is little doubt.

white giant
Aerther’sisk also called “The White Giant”
This misogynistic Englishman is notable for his height, an unusual feature that seems to make him popular to the point of worship with the City Dwellers, even those that normally scorn Earthmen. Perhaps that is why he has virtually abandoned the trappings of civilization and given himself over to the native garb, customs, and moral degeneration.

Wilhelmina Murray
This young woman has a storied past – something involving a certain eastern european nobleman or possibly something to do with the infamous “Bluford Lady”. Whatever the truth behind the scandal, it ended her marriage and resulted in her exile from polite society. Now, it is said, she travels extensively and is in league with certain gentlemen of extraordinary but ill-repute.

Alain Quartermain
This world renowned adventurer is an old Africa hand and the elder statesmen of great white hunters everywhere. His adventures on the Dark Continent are legendary, as is his skill in the bush and with a rifle. Sadly, he is said to have fallen into dissolute ways of late. His current whereabouts are unknown.

schickle gruber
Count von Schickle and Baron von Gruber
These “gentlemen” are both Prussian aristocrats and close associates. In certain quarters, they are said to be behind any number of nefarious schemes unfolding on Mars. Schickle is a renowned swordsman and marksman, the victor of numerous duels. Gruber is less proficient in the arts of personal combat, but is said to be twice the strategist.

Captain Jan Renard
This dashing Belgian serves his master King Leopold II as a captain in the forces of the Martian Free State. His success in – shall we say, dubious – missions is little publicized but well known in certain circles. His success with the ladies (of Earth and of Mars) is far better publicized. He is often accompanied by Sergeant Anton Degreef, reportedly the most brutal man in MFS forces.