flag franceFrance

While France may no longer have the Empire that Napoleon built and while She may have been humbled in the recent Franco-Prussian War, but She refuses to be treated as a second-rate power.

Forces of France

France excels in the spirit of her fighting men, who are anything but second rate. It has been said that the Legion Extraterrestriale, an off-shoot of the Legion Etranger, are the finest soldiers on Mars.

Despite Her best efforts, France has not become one of the leaders in the Steam Technology revolution. Her chars de battaille armored fighting vehicles are considered by most tone second rate and her aeroscaphs, though fast, are light and lightly armed and unlikely to match those of Britain in a stand-up fight.

FFl trooper
Foreign Legion
  • Helmet cover: khaki
  • Tunic: khaki
  • Buttons and buckles: brass
  • Gloves: chamois leather
  • Belt: black
  • Bags: white linen
  • Trousers: white
  • Gaiters (leggings): white or khaki
  • Boots: black
This soldier (Portrayed by a Dixon French Foreign Legion trooper from the Dahomey campaign) represents a trooper of small detachment of theLegion Etranger (French Foreign Legion) saw service with the Olympus Mons Field Force. He is armed with a bolt-action rifle.

FLE trooper

Legion Extraterrestriale
  • Helmet mask and breathing tank: copper metal
  • Helmet: white-painted metal with black visor; brass pivots and grenadier badge
  • Breathing hose: gray-black rubber
  • Helmet cloth: white
  • Tunic: blue
  • Buttons and buckles: brass
  • Haversack and canteen cover: white linen
  • Belt: black
  • Equipment: brown
  • Trousers: white on campaign; red on parade
  • Gaiters (leggings): white
  • Shoes: black
This soldier represents a trooper of theLegion Extraterrestriale (French Off-world Legion) that was formed around a core of Legion Etranger veterans to participate in the Martian Punitive Expedition. The Legion remains the hard core of France’s forces on the Red Planet. He is armed with a Lebel bolt-action rifle.
Steam Technology
char charles maretel
Char de Battaille:Charles Martel Model
 This is a Charles Martel model medium class Chars de Battaille, the most common French armored vehicle. It mounts a field piece for main armament but carries no auxiliary armament beyond the crew’s personal arms. In this picture the Martel’s distinctive “blast shield” is lowered into the combat position where it protects the forward windows of the wheelhouse, but the navigational periscope is not raised.

French Detachments de Battaille use no uniform color scheme for their vehicles. The commander of each detachment may choose his own. Many detachments do not alter the basic reddish brown or dirty sand color with which the Chars de Battaille leave the factory.

char color schemes
Other char color schemes
Here are three among the manyDetachments de Battaille that achieved distinction on Mars.

A is an example of the all red paint scheme used by Colonel “Blood” deGuerre’s detachment in the Martian Punitive Expedition period. At the time his was the only unit to adoption the red coloring, though subsequently many armored detachments copied the notorious Colonel’s lead.

B is the three-tone “clouded” camouflage scheme used by Major Sandor Brun while in support of theLegion Extraterrestriale during the Wars of Domination period.

C is the splinter camouflage scheme used by Major Jean Larouche during the campaigns on Syria Plenum.