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Great Britain

flag britainGreat Britain

With an empire on Earth that stretches across the globe, Britain is reaching out to extend that empire to another world. Boasting the most advanced aeroscaphs and ethyr conveyors, awesome Battle Strider walking machines and heat projector cannons, as well as some of the most stalwart infantry Earth has fostered, Britain would seem, without question, to be the preeminent Great Power. And were her resources not so stretched, it might be so.

Forces of the Great Britain

British forces rely on a core of Regular infantry, many veterans of Her Earthly colonial campaigns, bolstered by more numerous and less well equipped Territorial (sepoy) Infantry. She still maintains notable cavalry units, both Regular and Territorial (sepoy). Her artillery units are quite good. In the realm of Steam Technology Wonders, she relies heavily on Battle Striders (and their more lightly armed companions, the Scout Striders.) Home to the original Cavoritic engines, Britain is the world leader in aeroscaph technology and has Earth’s largest and most advanced fleet. Certain Special Units are equipped with captured Cephalid Heat Projectors that have been adapted to teslonic energy sources. Such weapons are found in dedicated artillery units and occassionally on Battle Striders.

With British engineers unable to solve the problem of tripodal locomotion as used by the Cephalids, the British attempts at walking machines rely on four legs, giving them something of the aspect of monstrous insects.

british regular
British Regular Infantry
  • Sun helmet: white (often dyed tan with tea)
  • Coat: red
  • Collar and cuffs: white
  • Rank chevrons: yellow
  • Buttons and buckles: brass
  • Belt: white (often dyed tan with tea)
  • Belt: brown
  • Equipment: white (often dyed tan with tea)
  • Netherton Breathing Apparatus: black runbber mask, gray air hose, and black air bottle
  • Trousers: dark blue with red seam stripe
  • Puttees (Leggings): brown
  • Shoes: black, sometimes brown or russet

 This infantryman belongs to an English or Welsh regiment as shown by the white collar and cuffs of his coat. The ruddy Martian landscape offered a chance to retain the scarlet jacket, an opportunity seized upon by many regiments whose members found the drab but practical khaki, which was becoming necessary on Earth, somewhat dull and without dash. He is armed with a Lee-Metford bolt-action rifle and wears the Netherton model air bottle.

british regular khaki

British Regular Infantry (alternate)

  • Sun helmet: white (often dyed tan with tea)
  • Coat: Khaki
  • Rank chevrons: yellow
  • Buttons and buckles: brass
  • Belt: white (often dyed tan with tea)
  • Belt: brown
  • Equipment: white (often dyed tan with tea)
  • Trousers: Khaki
  • Puttees (Leggings): Khaki; sometimes dark blue or brown
  • Shoes: black or brown
This British soldier (Portrayed by a North West Frontier British Sergeant from Wargames Foundry) belongs to one of the infantry regiments using the Khaki uniforms that has become common campaign dress on Earth.
british martian sepot
Martian Sepoys
  • Helmet: cheap steel pot in “Martian” style
  • Coat: red
  • Buttons and buckles: brass
  • Rank chevrons: yellow
  • Belt: white
  • Equipment: white
  • brek (“kilt”): blue (often faded)
  • jhureff (sash): varies (often in the colors of city-state where unit was raised)
  • Shoes: none
This sepoy is typical of units raised by Great Britain. He is armed with the obsolete Martini-Henry rifle. Troops were originally issued regulation sun helmets, but the Martians disliked them, going bare-headed rather than wear them. Very unbtidy. Knowing That Johnny Martian would fight more like a solider if he looked more like a soldier, an enterprising sergeant of the 24th had the company smith knock together a few pots in a “martian” style on the assumption that his baboos would find such more suitable. Soon other units were demanding “soldier helmets.” Indeed the custom has spread beyond British sepoy units and many sepoy units will not serve unless issued such helmets.
Steam Technology
british stride
Battle Strider
The standard finish for British battle striders is battleship gray.

These devices are formidable war machines. They are well armored and armed with medium class field pieces. Scout striders are somewhat lighter and armed with machine guns. A few battle striders have been fitted with salvaged heat ray projectors even though generating sufficient power for the weapon can be difficult.

In the picture, British infantry advance under the aegis of battle striderFurious.