Martian Free State

flag MFSThe Martian Free State

Though the brainchild of King Leopold of Belgium, this colonial “state” is a “cooperative” effort of several minor powers, not all of them European. The influence of these cooperative partners means that the MFS, unlike Leopold’s African colony, is not Leopold’s to do with as he wills, although his is clearly the dominant voice in its development. His aggressive stance toward grabbing territory in the scramble for the Red Planet is wholly supported by his partners.

Forces of the Martian Free State

The Martian Free State lacks many of the assets of the Great Powers and is heavily dependent on “gifts,” captured equipment, imported colonial troops, as well as native Martian levies and resources. The MFS “army” was among the first to recruit and train native City Dweller Martians and remains the force with the highest percentage of Martian sepoy units.

Without the industrial resources of the greater powers, the Martian Free State is dependent on acquiring its steam technology resources from outside sources. Rumors abound that a certain member of L.A.S.T. is bankrolling as well as supplying a variety of machines that will soon be making their presence felt on Mars.

Belgian officer
  • Sun helmet: white
  • Coat: dark blue
  • Rank chevrons: Gold for officers; yellow for troopers
  • Buttons and buckles: brass
  • Belt: black
  • Equipment: black
  • Trousers: white
  • Shoes: brown or black
This officer is a Belgian. He wears a standard long coat (rank and file soldiers’ are shorter), lacking the regulation rank chevrons. He could as easily be command regular Belgian soldiers as a lead a MFS territorial unit or Martian sepoy unit. He is armed with a mauser pistol that he has supplied for himself. He could just as easily have armed himself with a rifle.
MFS askari
Territorial Infantry
  • Fez: red
  • Shirt: dark blue with red trim
  • Rank chevrons: yellow
  • Buttons and buckles: brass
  • Belt: black
  • Equipment: black
  • Trousers: dark blue
  • Shoes (if worn): brown or black
This sergeant (portrayed by a Darkest Africa Belgian Askari figure from Wargames Foundry)is a soldier is a territorial from the Belgian Africa. Much of the force under the command of the powers that formed the Martian Free State was made up of such units. They remain in service with the MFS as the state has made no effort to return its veterans (other than those of European descent) home. MFS sepoy units are not noted for their uniformity of dress, but this man is fairly typical. His shirt is issue and perhaps his trousers, though it was just as common for soldiers to have their own trousers dyed blue when they enlisted. He carries a bolt-action rifle of dubious pedigree.
MFS martian sepoy
Martian Sepoy
  • Helmet: copper hued material
  • Tunic: blue with red collar
  • Buttons and buckles: brass
  • Belt: black
  • Equipment: black
  • Kit Bag: off white
  • Brek (kilt): varies
  • Jhurref (sash): varies
  • Shoes: none


Steam technology
image not availble placeholder
landship Agamemnon
This landslip is a unique design seen serving with Belgian forces on Mars and their are those who suggest its design is reminiscent of the work of the Red Duke, a known visitor to the court of King Leopold.