United States of America

flag USAThe United States of America

The Martian Invasion forced the United States to throw off the inwardly looking focus into which it had sunk after its Civil War. Capitalizing on its growing industrial power and seemingly unlimited natural resources, the United States is building itself into a power to be reckoned with.

Forces of the United States

The core of German forces is the Prussian army and it is well trrained and well led.

A leader in innovative Steam Technology, the United States is creating a powerful force of aeroscaphs, colossi, and mechanified infantry.

US troops
US Infantry
  • Hat: tan (in some units gray or black)
  • Shirt: dark blue
  • Rank chevrons: white
  • Buttons and buckles: brass
  • Belt: tan canvas
  • Equipment: tan canvas
  • Bayonet sheath: brown leather
  • Bedroll: tan or gray
  • Trousers: sky blue
  • Leggings: white or tan canvas
  • Shoes: russet or brown
This is a US soldier in campaign dress. He is in shirt-sleeve order. During the Martian Punitive Expedition campaigns, it was common for soldiers to wear a blanket roll containing his kit. He is armed with the latest Krag-Jorgensen style bolt-action rifle.
Steam technology
US colossus
US Colossi are commonly painted in battleship gray.

Colossi are the American answer to the Cephalids fighting machines and are the heart of the US Mechanical Force, the backbone of the new US army. Each walking machine is served by a dedicated crew and armed with light guns in the torso (continuing problems with recoil prevent a more robust armament) and Colt pattern machine guns on the arms.

In the picture, a US colossus strides through a Martian town as Prussian uhlans ride past.






US MI 2view
Mechanified Infantry Suits

US Mechanified Infantry suits are commonly painted in battleship gray.

Units often carry cavalry style pennants identifying the parent unit and the individual suit.

Much of the look of the enormous colossi is captured in the design of the mechanified infantry’s fighting suits. These powerful machines are piloted by a single soldier and armed with a semi-automastic Colt machine gun, powerful grasping claws, and steam jets, which have the unfortunate side effect of briefly incapacitating the unit when used. Even so, the new mechanified infantry is a terror to enemy infantry forces on the battlefields of two worlds.