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The League for the Advancement of Society through Technology

The League for the Advancement of Society through Technology is an international brotherhood of scientists, scholars, inventors, and social and mechanical engineers whose first allegiance is to science. Many are said to be Masons or to belong to other, even more secretive societies. Some are renowned philanthropists, some are recluses, some are even said to be mad. Most have never been to Mars, but many have had an influence either on the minds, militaries, or equipment of those who traverse the Red Planet. Many conceal their true identities behind colorful nicknames.

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Dr lackloveDoctor Miguel Lacklove
Though small in stature, Lacklove stands tall among the members of the League for his scientific breakthroughs. Yet, like some other members, he is beset by persistant accusations of criminal activity on his part. “All,” he says, “Come from envious men who find it intolerable to have to look up to a genius whom they wish
Captain Nemo
This outlaw, or someone calling himself by that name, still prowls the oceans of Earth in a submersible vessel called the Nautilis. Two common descriptions have been given of the captain. One refers to a european of distinguished appearance and apparent Masonic conmnections while the other to an Indian prince believed to be named Dekkar.
moriartyJames Moriarty
Moriarty is a professor at a small English college and a mathemetician of international fame. Accusations of unlawful behavior have been repeatly leveled at him. Moriarty professes himself “baffled and confused” by these accusations, especially those of a certain Mr. Holmes of London, who names him a “veritable Napoleon of crime.”
vassilyProfessor Vassily
Known as “The Automaton Master,” this Russian inventor is usually credited with the perfection (such as it is) of the clockwork soldier. It is whispered that he will sell his expertise to anyone willing to meet his price. “Once the works are wound, who cares which way she points,” he has been quoted as saying.
The Red Duke
This eastern european nobleman nearly always seen wearing some exotic military uniform, cut of red cloth no matter what the colors of the original uniform. Despite his swashbuckling manner, he is a shrewd mechanician and an inventor of note.
image not yet ready placeholderHerr Doktor Dunkel
Whispers of blasphemous experiments have hounded this brilliant and innovative surgeon, resulting in his dismissal from several of the most prestigious universities and medical schools in Europe. Yet he continues to be sought after as a lecturer and by wealthy patrons in search of “certain services that only he can provide.”
image not yet ready placeholderHarold Cavor
This eccentric inventor is the first cousin of the late Professor Cavor of anti-gravitic fame. Harold is usually credited with perfecting the cavoritic engine, but there are whispers that he really had little to do with it, merely copying his cousins formulae and plans but not copying the ill-fated expedition to unknown parts.
image not yet ready placeholderAloysius Ford
“Al” Ford is a pioneer in landship design, this expatriate American left his homeland after the U.S. military made clear its commitment to colossi and mechanified infantry. He took his novel landship designs and prototypes to Europe, trying to interest various crowned heads in his work. He is now the head of Germany ‘s mechanization program.
image not yet ready placeholderAdmiral Wynd
A renegade member of L.A.S.T. who is obsessed with the idea that civilization must first be reduced to rubble before it can be rebuilt in the perfect form. Based on Mars, he commands an air fleet of four steam-powered float ships (War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death) which are said to be berthed in an extraordinary ethyr conveyor. At least two of the ships carry significant Invader tech weapons (War has heat rays and Death has Black Smoke projectors.)