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Game Rules of Mars

V&S&F cover

The Valor & Steel & Flesh battle rules allow you to blend the amazing steam and Victorian scientific romance with the soldiers and weapons of historical colonial era warfare and – with a dash of heroics and whimsey – get that curiously delightful blend known as Victorian Science Fiction gaming.

Valor & Steel & Flesh features the wonders of steam technology (colossi, landships, elctro-cannon, Etc.) and the awesome might of otherworldly marvels (flying ships, heat rays, alien creatures, etc.).

While based on the renowned Brother Against Brother system (originally designed by Ivor Janci) from H.G. Walls, Valor & Steel & Flesh does not use a strict historical, or even alternately historical, approach, leaning rather heavily towards the heroic approach so favored by Hollywood in its “historical” productions.

Much of the background material in Valor & Steel & Flesh is from Parroom Station’s fantastic version of Mars. However, many of our test games were set elsewhere, and there is no reason you should confine yourself to Parroom Station’s Mars either. After all, you’re not going to get much chance to use the submersible rules on the arid and desiccating world that is Parroom Station’s Mars. We even include a non Parroom Station scenario.

So go on . . .

Dream. The red sands beckon . . .

Steam pressure is up!

Play games!

Have fun!

Valor & Steel & Flesh is a Parroom Station Miniatures production and is available for a mere $25.

Click these dice tiny dice to transfer to Brigade Games webstore where you can buy it.

We’re Not Perfect

Yes, we know that admission is disillusioning. Imagine how we feel about it.

Valor & Steel & Flesh went to press with mistakes and some things not as clearly spelled out a s perhaps they might have been. As penance, we offer your an errata sheet, which your can acquire an aethyriometrically-transmitted Propagation Distribution Format document by clicking the V&S&Flogotype below.

V&S&F logotypeErrata V.01.01.10


Other Games for Mars

The Sword and The Flame

The Sword and The Flame(TSATF to veterans) is a wonderfully versatile set of rules by Larry V. Brom. It bills itself as “a set of introductory rules for the conduct of miniature battles of the British Empire” and is focused primarily on the 1870-80s. TSATF is well proven on its home ground, and is a game for those more interested in story and “stirring actions” than competitive gaming (and thus approved by the Station Management.) Check out TSATF for yourself by clicking these dice tiny dice.

The official description of TSATF speaks of the “British Empire.” Obviously we have had to broaden the scope a bit (given our principal locale is on Mars) as well as add some technical wonders (given our bent for VSF.)

We have reconstituted our early adaptations of Martian battles using TSATF. You can download them by clicking these dice tiny dice.



There is also G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.(Glorious Adventures in Science Loosely Involving Generally Historical Times) by Christopher Palmer and John R. “Buck” Surdu. These are a set of mechanics for playing out even more “cinematic” skirmishes than TSATF and are already tailored to deal with VSF. Rousing!

We don’t have a specific adaption of our Mars to these rules, but the rules are “generic” and you can easily tailor them to suit your own vision.

Brigade Games also carries G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. and youcan click these dice tiny dice to go to their webstore.