Race the Martian Skies!

skyrunners cover

Skyrunners:Martian Aerial Race System is a racing game based on the traditional Dethkatilleen races held in most Martian City States. These races have their origin as training for war. Over the centuries, they have transformed from a simple display of martial skill to an elaborate sport of their own with myriad traditional rituals.

During a race, the craft fly through gates and around pylons, all the while trying to avoid the hazards of the Martian skies and the sometimes dangerous intentions of their fellow racers. The first craft to pass all markers and reach the finish line is the winner.

Some races also have float buoys that offer bonus rings and some, harking back to racing’s martial origins, use float buoys or pylons carrying targets. In races with targets, racecraft carry modified R-guns that their gunners use to fire a non-lethal “battering ball” through the ring to score marksmanship points.

Race days in Martian cities are festive and elaborate affairs with racecraft often sporting elaborate paint schemes to match a theme chosen by the sponsoring holheem or kheem. Racecraft fly in heats of up to twelve craft with winners advancing to further rounds until a final, or Crown Heat, in which the most successful racers compete head-to-head for the prize. Competition is fierce. Needless to say, betting on the outcome of races is also fierce.

Skyrunners: M.A.R.S. rules use dice and cards to recreate the excitement of a Martian race day. Competition is fierce. Are you up to it?

Skyrunners: M.A.R.S. Rules

The Skyrunners: M.A.R.S. Manual is a 48 page, digest-size, illustrated manual with rules for racing and race days, flight and maneuvers, crew actions, and the very important collisions and their effects.

It can be yours for a mere $25.

Print Products

  • S-001 Skyrunners: Martian Aerial Racing System Manual (48 page, Digest-size, illustrated manual)
  • S-002 Basic Deck Pack (12 card Race Deck, 18 Hazards Cards, 18 Ploys Cards, 6 play aid cards & Mini-rulebook)
  • S-003 Racing Template Set (clear acetate Banking and Side Slip templates)
  • S-004 Racecraft Control Cards (6 racer’s worth of full color control cards )

Models & Accessories

  • S-010 Race Gate Pack (1 pair of resin float buoys)
  • S-011 Race Pylon Pack (1 resin pylon)
  • S-012 Scudder Racecraft Pack (1 resin racecraft with metal pilot and gunner)
  • S-013 Racing Crew Upgrade Pack (3 metal sidemen)

Combination Sets

  • S-100 Scudder Racecraft Set (Scudder with racing crew upgrade and control board)
  • S-101 Racing Stable Set (3 Scudder Racecraft Sets)
  • S-102 Course Set: Gates (3 pairs of float buoys)
  • S-103 Course Set: Pylons (3 pylons)
  • S-200 Racing Master’s Set(1 Skyrunners Manual, 1 Basic Deck Pack, 1 Maneuver Template Set, 12 Racecraft with crew upgrade; 1 Racing Template Set, 12 racecraft Control Cards, 3 Gates; 3 Pylons)