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Skyrunners Cards

skyrunners deck pack cover

The Skyrunners Basic Deck Pack comes with a Mini Rule Book that has a condensed version of the rules. It’s all you need to play in a tiny, portable form.

You also get three decks of full color cards:

  • Race Deck to help you run the race.
  • Hazards Deck with 18 hazards of the Martian skies.
  • Ploys Deck with 18 strategems, gimmicks, and dirty tricks for your racers.

And its all yours for a paltry $16


sample hazard cardHazards on the Course

Hazards make life difficult or dangerous for the racers. Most Racing Masters do their best to set a course where hazards are at a minimum, but some make an effort to see that the course is as dangerous as possible. Some hazards are simply out of a Racing Master’s control.

Some hazards affect a single racecraft. Others will affect any craft to pass near or through them. Some racecraft will escape easily. For others, the hazard may cost them the race.

Not all hazards are equally common and the Hazards Deck in the Skyrunners Basic Deck Pack reflects this.


sample ploys cardThe Ploys of Devious Racers

Racers, in their desire to win, are not always satisfied to let skill, luck, and a fast craft determine the outcome. Some resort to various illegal devices, actions, bribes, and other dirty tricks (collectively known as Ploys) to improve their chances of winning.

Some Ploys are arranged before the start of the race. Others, such as those with delay timers, only take effect later in the race. A few Ploys involve interrupting another racer’s turn. Yet others involve items smuggled aboard your own racecraft, a feat achieved through bribery or through clever concealment that escapes the notice of the Racing Master’s Inspectors during the pre-race examination of competitors.

The Skyrunners Basic Deck Pack comes with 18 unique Ploys.