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About PE

Parroom Enterprises, LLC  is the catch-all for the endeavors of Robert N. Charrette (aka bob Charrette), the sculptor – writer – game designer who is the so-called mastermind behind Parroom Station.

You are visiting the Parroom Times Despatch, a blog and website devoted to chronicling said endeavors.

The Parroom Project

The Parroom project began with a website covering the background to Parroom Station’s alternative history as a lead up to the launch of Parroom Station Miniatures, a creator-owned line of miniatures figurines designed for playing games set in that universe.

PSMintures logoParroom Station Miniatures is the design house for a variety of miniatures. Cick on the logo to view our “showroom,” a semi-commercial display of what’s on offer.  You can purchase these miniatures from Brigade Games and Hobby Supply, LLP at HMGS gaming conventions, by post, or on the web at Brigade Games. Click these dice tiny dice to shop there.

Parroom Station Miniatures began as a single line of figurines designed for the Parroom Station universe. They were originally produced by The London War Room. Things have changed over the years and Parroom Station Miniatures is not just about Mars anymore.

Parroom Station Miniatures lines include:

  • Of Mars and Martians: Martians(of various kinds), critters, monsters, and even renegade Earthmen
  • Victorian Science Fiction: Characters, fantastic troops, and steam tech wonders
  • Victoriana: historical soldiery of the Victorian age
  • Heroes of Nippon: Samurai and other adventurers for feudal Japan
  • Secret Science: Mad science in conflict

V&S&F coverValor & Steel & Flesh is a set of battle game rules based on the Brother Against Brother system. While focussing on Parroom Station’s Martian background, the rules are usable for:

  • VSF Battles on Mars (there are rules for Martians)
  • VSF Battles on Earth (there are rules for ships and other non-Martian stuff)
  • Historical battles (you don’t need to use the fantastic stuff)

Click the cover to learn more.

Skyrunners logo

The Skyrunners Project

In 2010, the Parroom Project spun off Skyrunners: Martian Aerial Race System. Learn more by clicking the logo or visiting the Skyrunners Project tab.

The Secret Science Project

 My latest area of activity is the Secret Science Project, which expands on the VSF themes of the earlier Parroom Station background and concentrates on the mostly clandestine activities of the mad scientists (of various stripes) who endeavor to rule the world.

Writing Projects

I’ve done various writing projects over the years, including fiction, both for myself and in shared universes, under my own name and a pseudonym as well as other game design.  Visit the Atelier de la Charrette for details

Sculpting Projects

I’ve sculpted for many companies over the years and still do occasional work as schedule, interest, and compensation allow.  Visit the Atelier de la Charrette for details

Hobby Projects

When not working, a variety of things fill my time from historical european martial arts to playing with the toy soldiers I (and others) design. Visit the Distractions for details