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Welcome to Parroom Enterprises’ Bazaar of Exotic Emporia.

Here you will find links to select Cafe Press shops featuring Parroom-related merchandise. At present, we have two shops open to handle your custom. The management hopes you will something of interest.

If you desire a Parroom related item that is not on offer, let us know and we will comb our extensive list of Martian importers to see if we can find a supplier.

The shops are here. Click the associated image and be whisked away to it.

parroom city logo smallParroom City Emporiumparroom city logo small

See the wondrous goods on offer. We have just the thing to commemorate your visit to Parroom Station. Most of our products are emblazoned with a fine iconographic representation of the great mozaic in theĀ holheem’spalace, the very heart and center of Parroom city.

earth falgsEarthman’s Burden Emporiumearth falgs

Civilizing Mars is only one part of an Earthman’s weary burden. Don’t let it dehabilitate you! Order some of our invigorating merchandise today and stand among the most stalwart of our planet.

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