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Neglected Mars

No more.

At last, debuting at HMGS’s Fall-In convention, Brigade Games will have an update for Of Mars and Martians: a new Martian Critter, the long requested Kallot (CTR-008).

You aced, you begged, you pleaded, and now he’s here in all his multi-legged glory:

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Maestro: Professor Zed

SSC-006 Professor Zed

A Mechanician?

He’s got some kind of electrical rod, doesn’t he? Or is it perhaps an Arcane device?

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Maestro: Doctor Moreau

SSC-005 Doctor Moreau

A Vivisector?

Some kind of powered, scalpel-sharp claw glove and a whip coiled in his other hand. Could be, could be.

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Maestro: Lady Winston

SSC-004 Lady Winston

A Dominator?

Hmmm.  No obvious paraphenalia.  She might be an ordinary adventurer, but those Dominators like to blend in, don’t they?

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Maestro: Doctor Dunkel

SSC-003 Doctor Dunkel

A Resurrectionist?

Is that a control prod in his hands? A scalpel at his belt?

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Maestro: Professor Hiesen

SSC-002 Professor Heisen

A Formulaic?

There are tubes of some sort of chemicals at his belt and his got three tanks on his back.

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Maestro: Miss Agatha Harkness

SSC-001 Miss Agatha Harkness

An Engineer?

She does have a wrench on her utility belt.

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Maestri & Branch Tokens

So far in the first release news, we have been tiptoeing around the whole point of the Secret Science: the maestri, the masters (and mistresses) of the secret sciences. You knew we couldn’t start releasing miniatures for the Secret Science line without releasing some  of them, didn’t you?

And we’re not.  Most definitely not.

Here’s how it goes.

Maestri will be available as single figures. You like the figure, you buy it. Use it for Secret Science: Battle Science or for some other game. Your choice.

Although Bob usually has a particular branch of the secret science in mind when he sculpts a maestro, we’re not going to choice the figure’s branch for you. You might see things a little differently from Bob (Lord knows, many people do) or the figure may actually be suitable for more than one branch. Since Secret Science: Battle Science suggests you use a “branch token” to designate which branch of the secret science your maestro follows, you get a branch token with each maestro. When ordering, you’ll add a letter code to the maestro product code to indicate the branch token you would like. Thus:

A: Spook (Arcanes)

B: Puppet (Dominators)

C: Grease Monkey (Engineers)

D: Lab Rat (Formulaics)

E: Tik-tok (Mechanicians)

F: Igor (Resurrectionists)

G: Guineapig (Vivisectors)

Here’s a look at them (they tend to run about 15mm tall):

Oh yeah, before we forget. you’ll be able to buy a full set of all eight different branch tokens (SSC-100) as well.

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Guns, guns, guns!

Our first release in the Secret Science arsenal range are five weapon on small, wheeled carriages. The first picture shows a Lightning Gun manned by a pair of Enslaved gunners. The gunners are not yet available due to molding issues, but the gun is and can readily be crewed by a Minion Weapon Team (SSF903).

You will be able to buy (from Brigade Games, of course) the carriage-mounted guns separately from the crews (assuming you want to add crews from some other line) or get a crew and gun package from Secret Science ranges that offer a code for a weapon team (such as SSF-903 Minion Weapon Team) at a small savings from buying them separately.

You’ll be able to pick which weapon you want for your carriage simply by appending the correct letter suffix to the Team-served Gun code (SSA-001). These are designed to fit snuggly into the Secret Science: Battle Science rules, but they are perfectly adaptable to whatever rules you want.

They are:

A: Antimechanical Gun

B: Lightning Gun

C: Machine Gun

D: Rapidfire Gun

E: Revolving Gun

Here’s some pictures:

 SSA-001 A: Antimechanical Gun

 SSA-001 A: Machine Gun

 SSA-001 A: Rapidfire Gun

  SSA-001 A: Revolving Gun

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Minions on the March

The roll out of Secret Science miniatures goes on and who better to get started with than Masked Minions? Sure PArroom Station Miniatures has had Masked Minions before in our Victorian Science Fiction line, but these guys are updated, with new weapons and new flexibility.

Like many Secret Science miniatures, the new minions come with alternative heads.  These serve the dual purpose of allowing you the get slight variations on a posing and offering a choice of styling to suit your maestro’s esthetics. The great-coated minions of SSF-902 come armed with autorifles and come with our classic masked minion head and a new masked and goggled style wearing soft leather head gear.

Supporting the secret science minions are weaponeers (SSF-904) armed with flame sprayers. These guys are sold in pairs, as is suitable for a weapons detachment in the forthcoming Secret Science: Battle Science rules. Like the riflemen they come with alternative heads.

Further support comes from a pair of weapon crewman (SSF-903) designed to work with the team-served weapons of the Secret Science Arsenal range, of which we will post details soon, because they too are part of the launch release! Like all the minions, they come with alternative heads. Here they have the classic masked minion head, although they are painted in a non-classic scheme.

All of these Minions are available from Brigade Games. They will be debuting at HMGS’s Fall-In convention, but thereafter they will be available from Brigade’s webstore and by phone or mail order.

We had hoped to have a full spread of minion-y goodness for you in the first release. Unfortunately we didn’t get the command heads all done.  But we do have a teaser for you!

SSF901 will be the Officers pack, a pair of suitable leaders for your minion units. Each pack will come with two, yes two head sprues.  One will the usual classic/new minion head offering.  The other will, be a pair of officer’s head that offer you the opportunity to make your leader’s even more readily  identifiable. This latter sprue will be chosen from a random set of sprues to provide more variety. Here’s the promised teaser: A shot of the Minion Officers with heads from the one officer head sprue we did get molded. These guys are painted to go with the new-style head troopers shown at the top opt this post.