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More Automatons!

Besides the Guardsman, our first Secret Science release for the Mechanician forces includes Manikin-style automatons. These little guys (Size 1) are a cheap and cheerful mainstay for many automaton masters. They are designed to carry and use many common models of bolt action rifles and to operate as infantrymen.

These Manikins (SSF-501) come in sets of 5. They are single pose, consistent with the synchronization used to keep automaton units working together. The heads are separate, though, and you can get some variation by how you mount them.

Speaking of heads, our Manikins each come with  two heads, one a classic “tin bucket” styling and the one  styled with a low, brimmed top design similar to the helmets under consideration for many non-secret militaries.

Each also comes with and “exhausts” sprue, allowing you to add one to the Manikin’s backpack to suit your idea of their motive force. To the right, you can see Good Ol’ Number 17, a long serving automaton that runs on steam, hence the smoke stack topping his backpack. The exhausts sprue shown at the left has an electrical diode, a smoke stack, and an internal explosion exhaust.

As always, these Manikins, and all other Secret Science miniatures, are available from Brigade Games.


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Guardsman Details

So, I got some photography done and the first things to roll out of cleaning them up are some details to help you appreciate the wonder of the Mechanicians’ Guardsman-style automation.

First off, a size comparison. I said these fellows are tall (Size 3). That’s a standard man-height minion (Size 2) to the right. Between the two Guardsmen is a Manikin-style automation (Size 1, although on the large end of it), good ol’ number 17.

You might be noting that arm positions are different in the two Guardsmen. Good eye! The joint is designed to allow a certain amount of variation in the positioning.

Below there’s another picture, a close up shot of the two head variants. Since the heads are separate, you get to set them at different angles if you want. Or you could go with all the same exact pose and head angle for that “in synchronization” look.

More to come!

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Progress may be Inevitable

At least according to the League for the Advancement of Society through Technology (L.A.S.T.), it is.  But it is not always timely, it seems. My Secret Science project has been anything but timely. Yet, at last (pardon the pun-ish reference), some things are happening.  Some of the long wait is over.

For many HMGS conventions now, I have been showing off samples from the Secret Science miniature line. Soon, the first will be actually available.  I had wanted to have a big splash release along with the battle game rules but it has become clear that just isn’t going to happen. This project is not the only thing I have to do and, well, there’s just been too many other things for the last couple of years. So, Plan B: partial miniatures release.

At HMGS’s Fall-In convention next month, Brigade Games will have the first of the Secret Science figures. I’ll be trying to post what we’ll have over the next week as well as get up some notices on The Miniature Page. There’s still painting and photography to do though.

For starters …

Clankety-clank-clank!  He’s not a tank. He’s SSF-002 Guardsman Automaton.

He’s a tall fellow (Size 3 in the Battle Science rules). He’ll be available singly, but with a choice of heads, like many of the Secret Science figures, and comes packing a machine gun.

He will also come with some “stacks” for lack of a better name.  (Not shown in photo; I’ll try getting up a post about them separately later.) This is a sprue offering three different “exhausts”/indicators of motive source. There’s a smoke stack for steam enthusiasts, an exhaust pipe for more modern maestri utilizing contained explosion engines, and a diode for more teslonic power sources. The locator holes on the automaton’s back can also serve as receptacles for winding shafts should the automaton be of clockwork design.  You get to pick the look to suit your own ideas.

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Herewith, an excerpt from the Secret Science: Battle Science introduction

I write now in the early years of the twenty-first century.  It is, I am told, an enlightened time.  People in this day consider themselves modern and forward-looking. Yet there is something of which most of you are ignorant, a central facet to the world that goes almost unnoticed, and when observed, almost always explained away as something other than what it really is.

This is not some new development.  In fact, it is very old.  Originally hidden in myth and legend, it did not begin to come out of the shadows until about two hundred years ago.  But even then, even before then, some knew.  There were always some who knew.

 Prince Hamlet knew.  He even dared to speak of it.  He was rewarded for his courage with madness and death.

I have seen behind the mask, too.  Only a peek, but enough to know that I cannot hold the knowledge within myself.  I must record it.  Read on, and learn.

To its practitioners, it is known as the Secret Science.  

This science is not “science” such as you were taught in schools, but rather the older sense, the Greek sense of knowledge.

The “secret” part has two aspects.  The first, and foremost, refers to the riddles of power that make up the masked yet true nature of reality.  The second is the hidden nature of the work of these practitioners, which is largely the  result of the activities of Clan Lethe, who shall not be named again herein.  I have already tempted them too much.

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Secret Science Getting Closer

Slowly, slowly but closer.

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Still Working

Slow, and a bit unsteady, progress is being made

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After a WordPress upgrade disaster, rebuilding of the PTD site goes on!