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More Automatons!

Besides the Guardsman, our first Secret Science release for the Mechanician forces includes Manikin-style automatons. These little guys (Size 1) are a cheap and cheerful mainstay for many automaton masters. They are designed to carry and use many common models of bolt action rifles and to operate as infantrymen. These Manikins (SSF-501) come in sets […]

Guardsman Details

So, I got some photography done and the first things to roll out of cleaning them up are some details to help you appreciate the wonder of the Mechanicians’ Guardsman-style automation. First off, a size comparison. I said these fellows are tall (Size 3). That’s a standard man-height minion (Size 2) to the right. Between […]

Progress may be Inevitable

At least according to the League for the Advancement of Society through Technology (L.A.S.T.), it is.  But it is not always timely, it seems. My Secret Science project has been anything but timely. Yet, at last (pardon the pun-ish reference), some things are happening.  Some of the long wait is over. For many HMGS conventions now, […]